Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorder Therapy in Roanoke, VA and online

Are you an adult challenged by disordered eating and seeking support? I know how complex it can be to navigate your relationship with food and your body. You may be struggling with negative body image, anxiety around mealtimes, and communication breakdowns with loved ones. Perhaps you are uncovering how childhood experiences have contributed to the development of disordered eating, or how attitudes toward food and the body were passed down across generations.

The recovery journey can be both painful and hopeful.

I am passionate about working with adults who are looking to recover from disordered eating. I choose to focus on this underserved and specialized need. I work with both individuals and with families impacted by eating disorders.

I have worked with adults challenged by eating disorders since 1995, and I’m committed to providing you with the specialized care you need as you navigate recovery.

Working With Adults Toward Recovery 

I offer both in-person and online therapy for individuals and families navigating adult disordered eating recovery. 

Individual Therapy

Within my practice, you’ll find a nonjudgmental environment where you can courageously unpack your coping mechanisms and explore your inner world. The Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model is a particularly suitable approach for recovery from disordered eating. I also draw from behavioral and cognitive behavioral models as needed to offer support and guidance on your recovery journey.

Instead of being trapped in patterns of attempting to “control” or eliminate problematic symptoms, we collaborate to unearth the roots of these behaviors, fostering a spirit of compassion and curiosity in our work.

You have the power to heal the wounds surrounding your body image and transform your beliefs about self-worth. If you’re interested in involving your family in the counseling process, that is also a possibility, though I understand that not everyone will wish to do so.

Adult Family Therapy

When a family member struggles with disordered eating, the entire family may be impacted. Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is non-pathologizing and therefore not about assigning blame. It does, however, encourage courageous communication between family members to unearth wounds and heal unhelpful patterns so the entire family system can heal. 

I can help you identify what triggers you when you are with family and help you come up with a plan for how to navigate family meals. We can discuss relationships that may be strained due to the transmission of messages or rules (often unconscious) about body image, food, and self-worth. 

Family therapy with adult family members will help you and your loved ones understand the patterns that create distance while shifting each of you to listen and communicate more effectively so that recovery is better maintained. This paves the way to deeper family connections and improves communication between all involved. 

Are You an Adult Struggling With Disordered Eating?

I would be honored to travel alongside you on your recovery journey. I have extensive experience in this area and use a compassionate, evidence-based approach to continue your healing process.

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